A pice of Japan in Denmark

We are open again from may 1st to september 30th 2023

We are exited to see you in our gardens, cafe and shop.


We opened the gardens in spring 2007 and has since then made new expansions

and upgrades to the gardens every year.

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The forest garden

– A forest of rhododendron and hydrangea

The new garden is named the Forest Garden and is connected with the The-Garden, that you walk through to get to the forest.

The Forest Garden is a garden where you can go for a walk through the perfect forest.

When you walk around on the small paths, you take in all the different senses of the forest, both smell, touch and sight.


The Gardens

Explore our different gardens on this site and see our beautiful surroundings.

Garden of Life

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Lookout Garden

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Wandering Garden

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Meditation  Garden

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The Cafe Inside the Gardens

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Yard Garden

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Temple Garden

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